About Us


This website is U.S. based and in no way connected with caymanseasalt.com or any of their related products or sites. If you would like to try their product, we encourage you to go to their website @www.caymanseasalt.com. We hear the have great products too!


Windblown Spices is a Texas based company specializing in selling blended spices to make your barbequing experiences better. Whether you are cooking for family & friends or competing in the Memphis in May rib cook-off we have products that we have either manufactured or tested to insure  you will be the chef of both your dreams as well as the people you cook for.

We have the awards to prove our skills including a Michelin Star, first, second, and third place finishes in local, state, and international food competitions so give our products a try. We are sure you will always order more.


Windblown Spices and Smoke as some know us, search the Carribean and the rest of the world finding the finest spices and cooking products available so that YOU, the chef can prepare the finest meals in the world.

Products sold here are all time tested by us or our closest friends and fellow chefs so that anything you buy here will bring you nothing but delight.

As our name states we support and try to import the best products the Islands have to offer, and the boss being Caymanian sure doesn't hurt. On the good days we even throw in a little Cuban flair. But it does not stop there. We travel the world looking so that you can travel the web finding!


We want to share our discoveries, our manufacturing, and most of all our passion. Please contact us anytime! We look forward to hearing from you.

We also invite you to join our Passion Chef team and share with us your discoveries, your manufacturing, and most of all your passion for great food!

Be it a recipe or something you discovered that really brings out the best in any meal or a new product you have tried or built we want to share it with the world as long as it has the passion!